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PublicAffairs June 9, Language: Related Video Shorts 0 Upload your video. Try the Kindle edition and experience these great reading features: Share your thoughts with other customers. Write a customer review. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Not helpful nor insightful at all. The author might have attempted this to be a sequel to his bestseller "The Trillion Dollar Meltdown", that those sages did share the same foresight and philosophy as his own. Pardon me that as somebody who had read many books of and about Soros and Buffet, I am obliged to comment this compilation of biographies is sub par, in particular the section on Soros which is like a poor summary of Soros's "The Alchemy of Finance".

If not for the section on Volcker, I would have rated it a one star. In short, not recommended! Morris does a nice job summarizing some of their key accomplishments. While doing that, the reader will learn about some important events in the past forty years or so. The book is divided into four chapters. One chapter is dedicated to each sage and the final chapter is some of the author's thoughts and insights on capitalism and the markets.

He interviewed Soros and Volcker but did not have direct access to Buffett. This is not a light read. Like his previous book, "Trillion Dollar Meltdown", background knowledge of finance and economics makes the reader appreciate the book more. The casual reader who wants to learn about these three important figures may get confused at some of the more intricate financial parts of the book. I greatly respect the three sages but I disagree with the author that the three saw the crisis coming. While they might have known that we were on a path of destruction, even they did not know how and when it would manifest itself in the real world.

If they did, you can be sure that Soros and Buffett would have made billions more than they did at that time. Soros has written many books. Morris summarizes Soros' philosophies on philanthropy and investing.

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Large section is dedicated to recounting Soros' one year diary in the 's. Unlike, Buffett, Soros' investing strategies are mysterious. Aside from very general theories and thoughts, Soros has not described how he goes about making investing decisions. Soros' son even acknowledges that his father's back pain may influence his investing decisions more than anything else.

I am skeptical of his son's anecdote which Soros, himself, does not deny given Soros' amazing success. I have read extensively on Buffett so I got very little out of that chapter, but if you know little about Buffett, then you may find it worthwhile. This chapter is based on what has already been written about Buffett and his own letters to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders. If you have read Schroeder's "Snowball", then perhaps you, too will find little new in this section. I got the most out of the Volcker section mostly because I knew least about him. Morris' account of how Volcker managed to break inflation was interesting.

He takes you behind the scenes of the Fed at the time. I know of all three men. I worked on Wall Street during the 70s Soros in particular was and is a very dangerous man. This is an excellent ,and insightful review of Jewish historical and spiritual events. It has helped me to understand the trials ,tribulations,failures ,successes and strengths of our people.

This book is great for both Jews and non Jews alike seeking insight into the evolution of Judaism. The scope of this book is very wide and deep. Rabbi Lau has a command of the Mishnaic and Talmudic sources and that makes his book vey easy to read. He doesn't choke the reader with dry facts. Very interesting and informative. This three volume set is worth every dollar and is a great resource for every serious library.

Great information about this formative time period. This scholarly work, translated into English is an excellent text on Pirke Avot.

Rabbi Lau includes a depth of historical context. I found this filled with wisdom. See all 20 reviews. Most recent customer reviews. Published on March 8, Published on November 21, Published on September 29, Published on April 29, Published on August 6, Published on February 26, Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought. God in Search of Man: A Philosophy of Judaism. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. There are many things we as humans do not know of the demon world. Rely on God and trust in His sovereignty and you will overcome.

In this adventure they must learn who they are and discover what is Truth and what is not. CrimsonSage brings our hero Taylor face to face with the darkest and most dangerous of demons. What has been the target of the CrimsonSage all along? Will Taylor and his friends unravel the mystery in time?

Sages of Darkness Book Series - Fighting Demons by Brock Eastman — Kickstarter

Can they find those who were thought lost? Can they defeat the evil before it takes full control of the world we know. A battle unlike any rages and it's not just between demon hunter and demon. Hopefully you've found many enticing rewards listed. But what's even more important is for you to share this project with your friends and family. If we exceed our initial goal then we'll activate our stretch goals and some really cool new rewards will kick in. The prizes will quickly begin piling up. Check them out below. In the acknowledgements backers will be categorized by their level of backing, with the highest backers at the top of the page and in a larger font.

All other titles would follow that SandSage, CuberSage, etc. Digital copies will release at or before paperback and dust jacket copies. Digital artwork will arrive with the first digital book. Please submit other questions so I can add them to the FAQ. If we reach this goal everyone who has backed the campaign will receive a Digital version of Darkly Brewed, my short story from HowlSage written from Melanie's perspective. It will be revised and released in early If we reach this goal everyone who has backed the campaign will receive a Digital version of Wasted Wood, my short story about the Darkwood Demon.

The original version of HowlSage included a very cool demon glossary hand illustrated by Ike. But the rights to those images belonged to Destiny Image. In order for this series to have the same awesome interiors and illustrated glossaries I'll need new art and layout design.

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So if we can reach this stretch goal, the interiors of the books will have new maps, illustrations, and an expanded glossary to hold all the new demons I've added to the books. Plus all backers will be invited to vote for the narrator of the audio books. The audio book will be professionally narrated through ACX. If we reach this goal I'll write SandSage the story of how Jesse and Melanie met in Egypt and how the sarcophagus was discovered.

This is one of the books that Ike is using for research. How the hunter became the hunted. This is the graphic novel that Taylor was reading in HowlSage.

Kara Accettola, Little Sages Books

If we reach this goal I will write and hire a comic book artist to create the graphic novel. Everyone who backed will receive a full color digital copy of The Howling of Hamburg. If we reach this goal I will create a series of video journal entries telling Ike's perspective of the story. The videos will be accessible on my website via a special code in each book.

That's means everyone who purchases or receives a copy of the book as part of their reward will receive access to Ike's V-Log. If we reach this goal I will write a Sages of Darkness story all about Ike. Please see specific backer rewards to discover if you qualify for stretch goal rewards. Some backer rewards specifically say no stretch goals, or no books, etc.

Not only can you help by pledging a reward and becoming a backer, but you can share with your friends and help get the word out about the series. There may be some who have read HowlSage, but have never connected with me and won't know about this opportunity. And If you haven't connected with me on facebook or twitter please do so. So please share this with anyone and everyone you know.

Use any of the images below and Include this link to the KickStarter to get more people involved:. When will BlizzardSage be released?

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With your help it will be released soon. I'll clean it up, have it edited, and get it printed by early next year. Better yet the campaign covers the creation of CrimsonSage and a needed revision of HowlSage. Because there were so many scenes I wanted to add, but couldn't. For example, an InfernoSage trapping Taylor and Jesse in a small mountain cabin during their hunt, a more extensive goblin infestation of the town, and more development of Taylor's interest in Melanie. The series will be rewritten in first person present tense, which makes the action even more exciting.

Sages of Darkness is meant to counter the cultural phenom that says werewolves, vampires, and the likes can be heroes. I disagree, if these creatures existed they'd be nothing short of evil. They'd most certainly be demons of some sort, creatures from the lowest pits of hell. So with that I set out to clear up some of the "cultural" confusion. My hero, a human, who many readers will find relates in someway to their own lives must now defeat these dark demons, not befriend them.

I strive to take you into our very own world and pull back the veil that allows demons to remain where they wish to be, right out of your sight; lurking and waiting to strike. If you have ever read The Screwtape Letters by C. Lewis you will understand this demon tactic. My two other series are with traditional publishers. I just finished writing Tangle, book 4, of The Quest for Truth and its being edited now.

I considered pitching Sages of Darkness to a new publisher, but the world of technology and distribution continues to change and I thought this a good opportunity to try fundraising and releasing SOD under my Crimson Pulse Media imprint. To do this I need you to partner with me, I need you to back me, market me, and pray for me! I need your support in every way possible. This Kickstarter campaign will only be successful with your help! Sages of Darkness; reveals the evil around us, but uncovers the strength in all of us.

With pulse pounding action, the Sages of Darkness trilogy will keep you up all night reading, which is a good thing since you won't want to turn out the lights. This story is not for the faint of heart; it is quite literally the battle between humanity and demons who've taken physical form. Brock Eastman has written a keeper you will dread to read, but can't help finishing! I look forward to the next installment in this series.